Welcome to the Oswego Figure Skating Club! As a non-profit organization we strive each year to offer our skaters the best possible cost to ensure that we accommodate skaters in the ability to participate in this club. In an effort to maintain this goal, we offer several fundraising opportunities. We encourage everyone who is able to participate in one or more of the fundraising events to keep our club growing and maintaining the healthy, safe sport of figure skating that have been able to offer our community.

Fundraising Announcements:

Club Logo Wear:
We have a club logo wear sale that is ongoing for the skating season. Our club logo company is Zink Shirts in Oswego, NY. They are located at 19 East Cayuga Street, 315-342- 9465. We have a variety of items for sale from skating bags, to beanies, to team jackets! Currently you can order online at until February 10th , 2017. All orders after that date can be made by calling Zink Shirts at 315-342-9465.

Can and Bottle Drive
This is an ongoing fundraiser. Just bring your cans and/or bottles to the rink on Wednesday evenings and Jan Butkey will turn them in at the redemption center on East 9th and Bridge Street across from Garafoloís. If you happen to return your cans and bottles there yourself, you can just request that they be added to the Oswego FSC account too!

Lottery Tickets
Our lottery ticket fundraiser is in full swing for the month of January 2017. We use the evening numbers of three digits each day in the month of January, so you have 30 chances to win! The tickets were sold in the month of December 2016.

Fajita Grill
On Tuesday, February 7th , 2017 we will be holding our Fajita Grill Fundraiser. A portion of the proceeds between the hours of 5-9 pm will be given to the Oswego FSC. Click here for more details.

OFSC Annual Golf Tournament
On September 25th , 2016 we held our annual golf tournament which was a great success thanks to the efforts of our Golf Tournament Chair Mary Kate Dehm. Several area businesses sponsored this event and it was a wonderful day of fun and excitement for all! This yearís golf tournament will be held in June 2017. The day TBA. Contact Mary Kate Dehm at for more information.

OFSC First Annual Halloween Hang-Out Chicken BBQ
Date: October 2017, day TBA
Details: We will be holding an annual Halloween Hang-Out Chicken BBQ at the Hibernianís in Oswego, NY. The event will include chicken dinners, raffles, a DJ, costume contests, and more! Stay tuned as more details are finalized.

Paint-Nite Fun
Our Paint-Nite was held on November 17th , 2016 and was a great success! Many of us were able to showcase our talented painting skills! Thank you to all that participated and made this event a great fundraiser for our club!!